Sunday, December 30, 2007

New Phone&Emotional Dysfunction

I'm pretty frustrated right now, my phone are crappy,i need a new one immediately la!
Karl couldn't hear me every time he called and i just wasted an hour of Super Savers because of coverage probs last night...
Need a new one.
I'm talking 'life' desperate~if you know what i mean.
Yeah..I'm crazy bout Karl

Poor Karl, he called me three times and couldnt hear my voice,
Maybe if i meet up with Yoga, he might have been nice enough to buy me a new one
: )
Or not..

A new phone would be a perfectly nice gift for new year..dun ya think?
For me atleast..


Yesterday, i went to HKL, to visit my father and he got all emotional when we talked, and i'm trying as hard as i can to find a topic that could directed the conversation that doesnt involve crying and welling up tears.
Ugh..I'm just no good with emotion.

I cant even tell Karl that i love him without feeling wanna bang myself in the head,
And they told me that i'm the mushy one. : P

Friday, December 28, 2007

A long walk to be 'freakin' remember

Wrote this one when i got back from a long walk with Karl, i cant believe that we walked right from the highway and finally when we reached home, i was exhausted,though the constant laughing and giggling (thanks to Karl for that) made it less tiresome.
Wished that i have my mom's camera with me,then it we would've take some pretty cool pics.
I'm a poser, yeah no surpries, just look at my myspace,there's hundreds of them (ok so maybe i'm
exaggerating) but still. And here i am posting my first entry with Karl playing his guitar and the Black Sabbath's song preaching through my ears, i wonder why the hell i haven't slipped into dreamland yet...
*snore* *snore*
So G'day..