Friday, January 25, 2008

My Ocean

The winds blew across the ocean deep,
As the clouds shifted into figurative flowers,
I watched the sea slowly turn red,
As red as blood,
Fiery with fire,
Though the water freeze beneath the surface,
With that my heart have gone wild,
Crushed in this empty loneliness,
I kill everything that dare to walk before me,
For you will be the only path that i will take..
Only you

See You

By the time you get home,
I'll be long gone,
By the time you read this letter,
I'll be out of your life,
And if youre wondering just why,
I wont make it clear, wont explain it neither,
And this little thing call life,
Prompt me to moved on,

Its a long road ahead,
I'm on my feet, i'm walking slow,
But the miles keeps me alive,
Another direction is another sign,
That i can move on,
I can go on,

If you only knew what to do,
You would've been here to stop me,
But that dont matter no more,
I'll be away,
Gone no where to be found,

And if you ever missed me,
Just bear in mind,
That i'm not near and not coming back,
See you,

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Food,Gossips and Boys

Yesterday, aku pergi gak jumpe dak2 sengal tu. And we spent hours of our time hanging out at the Curve. We did some karaoke and aku rase agak terkilan sbub i have sore throats, x leh nak kuar suare but i like it when my voice go all hoarse and croaky (in a sexy way of course ) *wink* *wink*
Then ingat nak balik rumah trus dlm kul 7.30 but i'm aching for some good delicious food though not necessarily mengenyangkan..So i ate this delicious Paratha's. Parathas are basicly roti canai except this one are folded and filled with savoury or sweets fillings. I ate two of them yesterday,
chicken n cheese and the other, banana chocolate...its a wow for me..teehee.
Then the four of us talked for hours at the Bunny's favorite kafe. We go on and on with jokes and our love life and our ex's, ahahaha..
A notion that never failed to entertain me. Then finally its 7.30 and we're supposed to get on the bus but the 4 of us are so busy talking, we decided nak gerak dalam kul 9, funny, akhirnya sume nak tdo rumah Nemo.
Balik rumah Nemo, we ate instant noodle with sausage and these monsters only left 3 sausages for me...argh..tension..
Then at night i waited for Karl to misscalled me then i spent three hours talking on the phone from 2 am till 5 am...
This is life.. : p

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Bitch mode

Its Sunday and my brain threathen to spill on the computer desk rite now.
Yup,aku overnite lagi semalam. So every inch of my body is sore, and i'm feeling cranky, so cranky i could just kill someone out of frustration.
So today's drill is simple as ever. HKL, meet up with my dad and chat untill 7.30 pm, then i could go home.
Except that today is the shoe hunting day. I need to get a pair of heels and none captures my heart.Seriously, i would only wear them if need to wear all those 'ladies' clothes, whatever.
And my budget is tight. I got rm 100 left, and tomorrow dak2 tu nak jumpe la plak.
I wasnt allowed to bring Karl with me, because one of them need to spill something up.
*yawn* right, thats not like the first time benda nie jadik, so whats the fuss?
Really gurl, you should get a grip and get over it cuz the stories is getting old and i;m tired of hearing it.
But wait!..a good, thoughtful, caring girlfriend would understand that would never rasa bosan and annoyed kan?
Sorry honeys, i'm a bitch today.