Friday, February 1, 2008

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise

Planning going on a date for Valentine Day but unfortunately you are tied down by other important things by your boss, lecturer or even your mom. Well, the bad news is that your girlfriend/boyfriend [girlfriend especially] are going to be pissed and the good news is there are something that you can do to fix these problems, it could get quite fussy but for the one that you love it shouldn’t be a problem : )

This one goes to all you people who are having problem expressing your love to your loves one, simply because you are shy. I think this one is a good idea.

  • Call them as early as 6 or 7 am in the morning [depends on your lover wakey2 time] tell them how much you missed them and how madly in love you are like it was the first time you met each other. Let them hear your voice first thing in the morning.

  • Ok, another easy part. Classic but never goes out of styles. Flowers and Chocolates.Delivered them at your lover’s doorstep but don’t show up in front of her/him. Just leave the gifts there and if you want, watch by afar your beloved surprised and happy face when she/he received the gifts.

  • Well, if you guys had any free time, just showed up at her workplace, college, house and ‘kidnapped’ her/him for a romantic lunch by the park [again dun forget the choc and flowers]

  • A dinner? See its another classic and why it is classic cuz it work every time and depend upon your creativity. Its either a romantic candle light dinner or a walk at the park, or picnic at the top of a hill, it sure does it!

The Red and The Delicious Black

11 Most Romantic Gifts

~ A bouquet of your beloved favorite flowers

~ Candies and chocolates which are her/his favorite

~ Perfume

~ Accessory [bangle, bracelet, necklace ...stuff like that]

~New shirt, jeans, bag anything that she or he wanted of all this time

~ Stuffed toys [a cute teddy bear usually do the trick]

~ Cd [compilation of her/his favorite romantic songs or simply ‘the’ song if you know what I mean] *wink*

~ A nice movie date, or a really romantic dinner or simply a picnic at the park.

~ Treasure box [ contain every bits of evident of your sweetest memories together] treasure this one, one day you might wanna give it to her/him and that would surely make her [especially] cry.

~Buy her, her favorite pet! Like cats, dogs, birds, hamsters or GLIDERS {you know the sugar brown one] *wink* *wink* at Karl

Cupid is in town!

It’s the February, the Valentine’s month. Everyone is looking forward to it especially the couples or more precisely the ladies. To me the only thing that I love about Valentines Day is the delicious chocolates and those cute flowers that always had that certain effects on me, the celebration itself however failed to make an impression to me.

But hey, no need to spoil the mood just enjoys the moment; love your girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband, pampered them with your devoted attention and affection not only because it’s Valentines Day.

Its because you love them and you love them every single moment of your life.

Plus, there’s tips for you to take note from and maybe I’ll find some sappy lovey-dovey love storied for you lovebirds out there and, uh, a confession on my own mushy-mushy feelings of My L [yeah, you can believe that cuz I’m not gonna]

Before that, let’s recap! Whatever things that ever happen in the month of January.

Lemme see, ok so there this Quicksilver revolution 2.0 thingy at Sunway Lagoon. I went there with Karl, Bunny and her bf. It was ok for me. The whole thing got surfers and skateboarders and couple of bands and also I’ll be a complete doofus if i forget this…crowd of hot dude and dudette in bikinis and tight,am I lovin it or not?.

Yeah few days ago I just been robbed while Karl walking me to the bust stop, those two creeps just took my phone [now that I’m phoneless, I’m practically dying] and now I’m lamenting for a new one.

God help me with that one