Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Job and The iNternet

Assalamualaikum and hi

By the time i post this, it would be a few days after the day i wrote it.
i need a freakin internet at home lowh! takpe first get a job and get that those portable modem? entahlah, what was it called? That maxis thingy tu ! I dont remember but the thought that i can surf everywhere without searching for a wireless internet, or ride my way to the CC which is a it far from my home or the nearest option. My cousin’s house, only most of the time the internet is painstakingly slow.

What would i do with an internet anyway?

Err,myspace,friendster,Hi 5,Virtual Friends (Ok, so maybe i’m active with the only two)

Forums, serious it is very addicting to me

Research, ah, it is very impossible to write a book without some knowledge even though it was some mushy love story.

The whole rapid communication? Hello, i got friend who’s in German, though he did call every once a while but it would be nice if i can keep in touch constantly.

Hm, Downloading? LOL.
So i here stated the reason,
The resolution is to get a job.
Get the money
The internet,
The snicker
The Heels
The Bags
The cute outfit
THe steamboat rendezvous
The Hagen Daz (Did i spelled it right?)
Then the college money... ( I know, cant believe that i put it at the end of the list)


Oh wait, i need a laptop! (lets put it above the college money shall we?)

Randomly Whining

Assalamualaikum and Hye

Stories are made up from imagination and while i have some of the wildest imagination, writing about it is so much harder and i am suck at it.
Today no stories are made but as usual, have plots in my mind just waiting to be arrange and to be beautifully written by me. But as i start writing, everything is lost under the radar. I dont know why or how to retrieve it back.
I never knew what to do with my life
I have no clear ambition except when i was 13 years old
I wanted to be a writer but as usual my father never approved of it.
So then i wanted to be a travel guide, to be working in hotels but the main reason that i wanted to chose travelling is that i wanted to get away from life in KL.
From my parent exactly and my own family.
What i need is a place where no one knew me
And start a new life there.

But such life are lonely.
And know i’m with my family but i felt lonelier than being on my own.
That’s life and its coming back and forth for new faces and new paces.

The day after the post office day

Assalamualaikum and hi

Sambungan cerita post offfice

The day after the Post Office Day, Karl supposed to come. He did came anyway but i was upset since it was only for a little while but i agree to follow him to KJ anyway.

Sorry. How could this ever be a blog?.When the only thing that i have put here are merely my whines and laments of how hard life is for me ( Hard? it was hardly a challenge) and yes i love to exaggerated when it comes to how bored i felt in these couple of days. But it does feels like that anyway.

Ok back to the day after Post Office Day. He came and i was upset when he told me that we only had an hour to spend time with if we hang out in Shah Alam. So i pouted and think. While i thought about the senario and remain looking upset at the same time, Karl keep bringing up diffrent topics to talk about, try to nudged me from hibernation and cruel me, i only managed a tiny half hearted smile, a faint expression and worst,no reaction at all.
But he never gave up ( though there are some sighed and winced) he kept trying untill i open my mouth and said “Lets go to KJ”
There i started to light up a little bit, knowing that i might as well used the only time left with good laugh and nice conversation.

As we reach KJ,we spend most of our time at the Giant’s foodcourt and there we talked endlessly. Before i know it, it was 2pm and its time for me to go home.
We said our goodbyes and we’ll meet again on sunday.

It was a good day after all


I love you Karl!


Assalamualaikum and hi

NOTE- cerita ini berlaku a long time ago now

So there i was. Standing in front of the post office. I stared at the entrance where the notice board says

Isnin – Sabtu

8.30 am – 5.00 pm

Ahad dan cuti umum


Duh. So i can actually go there on Saturday. I can always drag him with me. Oh wait, he is working on that day too. I cant get used to it. The Working Karl, i mean. I found myself completely alone and for the first time in my life i found that very intolerable. Has Karl caused all this?. I cant be sure maybe, but since i get back into the people circle, since seeing my friends back, since hanging out with my 16 years old and 13 years old cousin seems to be so much fun than reading books or fantasizing while writing the next fan fiction and keep it for a very long time so in another five years i would read it and laughed hysterically. Since i’m no longer lusting over David Boreanaz Jr and (or another brand new tv show or anime)


The post office are, well i cant say it was crowded like U 80 -bus -on the- morning -and -on –that- freakin -8 pm –everyday- crowded but lets just say i was not comfortable with the amount of staring that i got when i enter the post office or maybe i taped over a sign on my forehead that says ‘ Hell, i’m lost’ ( Can you write that many words on my forehead because mine is quite small and i suspect it already got ‘clueless’ on it.)
By the way that is not the point, the point is that i was tempted to go and asked somebody about it and was about to resort to the Kaunter Pertanyaan, when i realize those two guys that sits at the desk are here for some other business meaning they are not working there ( beside they wore this ridiculously cOwboy hat) but atleast they are not clueless. Not like me.

I took a deep breath. What the hell? i dont even know what to say.
So i went out, i went to the bus stop and almost resorting to Tesco (There’s a post office there) but then i had headache.
I could’ve curse but knowing now whatever wrong doing will be punished severely and with lightning speed ( I think i have some sort of Djinn watching over me now.LOL)
I got back after awhile after reading ‘Sweetheart From Hell’ entertaining really.
Well, i got back and finally taking my queue number and sat down.
Everything went fine though i did babble to Karl on how ridiculously stupid i felt at the time, i text him of course. He didnt text me back. Later i found out i text it to the number that he didnt use currently.
Ah, no wonder he is so relaxed about it and even has the audacity to coated sugar his blame on me (As usual, i forgave him as soon he look at me with that puppy dog eyes, or kitten eyes LOL)

Karl. I had an headache. If you’re in front of me. I could hurt you.
But being Karl, my annoyance has no effect on him.

Finally my number been called up.
The counter guy need the owner’s new ID number.
The insurance is RM125

“Takpelah i datang next time jela” I said. With a huge smile on my face.

“Eh, dah tunggu lama takkan pergi macam tu je? Ni motor sapa?” He asked and he smiled at me warmly. Is he flirting with me? ( My perasan assumption)

“Motor pakcik” Actually its my boyfriends’s uncle and the name on the paper is his uncle’s friends, blame me for not making it complicated.

“Telefon la pakcik jap, tanya number IC” He asked again, try to be helpful

“X de number phone” I answer with a smile. ( I smiled a lot when i nervous)

“Jap-jap tengok boleh tak...” The guy ask his colleague about it. Nice to see people taking efforts to serve me ( To serve me? hahaha)

“Sorry tak boleh, esok datang lah lagi bawak number ic pakcik, tak yah ambik nombor terus datang sini” He smile.

“Ok” I said but innately i screams ‘SHIT!!’

Haha, then i went home. Ate maggi like hell and slept.