Sunday, March 22, 2009

Little miss envy

I'm suck at blogging but i missed writing something new although my life is far from interesting.
This week is rather slow,i don't have to babysits since my mom is on one week break and so i spent most of my times hanging out at kakchik's and KL.
Karl and i went to watched Race to the witch mountain last Friday,the movie sort of, i don't mind watching less complicated and Disney-ed filled movies as long as i could be spared from any stupid,horrendous movies like JIn HUTAn,seriously i don't even know how they get that one out. Ugh,

Sure,this is probably the most relaxing weekend i have since taking care of the brats (Yes you are) and i was shoved into envy when little miss annoying and big fat head gets brand new phones (ok,so it was secondhand) and brand freaking new watch and a pair of hamster, whereas i have to be depending on Karl. UGH.

Enough whining.