Wednesday, August 5, 2009




Near midnight I randomly thought about the past and rivers of words kept rushing in and out stochastically but eventually my minds dwelled back into the year of 2004.

Ah those days.

Chicawat, if only I had been wiser than naive, more steadfast than hopelessly in love. I would've deftly step aside from your lines of sweet nothing and be your good friend. Just to know who you are, what are you, what made you. Then I’ll know if we're meant to be.

Wishful Thinking :P

In this irreversible circumstance, I guess I’ll never know and you'll remain to be the first.


Do you whisper my name when I walked back into the room? Or do you sighed here and there, talking and laughing behind my back or do you never care for subtlety and do it all in front of my face.

How sweet.

Do you told me that you loved me and hurt me severely at the same time? Or you never knew because you always right? What are you? The embodiment of life? The light? Superior by the dirt that tainted your life?

How admiring.

To all that never knew, how I loved you without a bound and that love seems to drowned.

Oh my SayangS,
Love does die.


So the lambs die and the soaring swans that never seen the light fall off lying flat with their wings flapping aimlessly.

Death is so beautiful sometime. We feared and hoped for it at least once in our life. Death is the very symbol of life without death one will never knew life.
Random thought people. Random but never meaningless. :P

Who Are You?

I thought I knew everything of us but I was wrong. I should've known better but I don’t. It was very simple, one curiosity lead to a finding that remain inside, unknown to the significant other. The Finding remains quiet without a sound except of my own. The Finding was buried, covered by dirt of happiness or ignorance in the mask of happiness, either way. The Finding is buried. I let it buried. Dead and unknown or so I thought.

Somehow the Finding rose in the midst of night, crawling like an invisible ghoul or it never bother to creep and screamed like a banshee. The finding course my nightmares now and then although not always. It is there. There to pull me out of that haven of bliss now and then. A smack of reality from the dead. How ironic.

This is me by many sobriquets but it is me.

Sunday, August 2, 2009


I know i said i gave up.
I know i said I'm over
Guess i don't really know what I'm talking about
Though i swear i meant it.

I'm here and there
Looking in and out
Wonder for so long
I don't think I'll win
And here is my all
Just take it