Saturday, October 17, 2009


I thought the sun would go away
So i closed my eyes and wished for the night
Little that i knew that the lights wont go away
I woke up with the blazing sun in my eyes
I figure maybe i would have to wait a little longer
Until six hours passed by but the sky is brighter than ever
I wished for the night but the sun wont stop shining
I had people asking me why
Do i ever want the sun to go away
I said i love the moon he always tuck me in
I had people said to me 'but the sun gives you life'
I told them that it didn't matter the sun hurt my eyes
They walked away eventually
I shook my head and waited some more
But till now the night never comes
So the sun bright my days and burns my heart.


I could lie and stay down
you're not around i knew that
I could sing the tune in and out
That same oldskool songs you like
But that don't matter

I don't see the future as we walked on that road
I love you that is certain
What is not is tomorrow
You and i know that
You may dismiss my fear
You may put me behind
But tomorrow might change

Love ain't it funny?
Love ain't easy
We thought we got it down
Well now and now I'm not so sure
Not so sure

Me,myself and that jerk that i love

I can try and be myself again
But i know its no use, no use
You been playing with my mind too long now
So I'll take a break from you
Your voice, your touch, your every little thing

I walk into the world
When you're not around and that feels good
Somehow it feels so good just to be alone
Backup back the hell up
I'm gonna need myself and i
We're gonna have fun and we're gonna be fine without you

Taste the chocolate and i knew nothing is better
You can put your toys back in
Why would i stay for one when there's many to toy around with?
Yup that's right, uh huh
Me, myself and i

Oh yeah, for you over there
Don't be sad I'll send ya a postcard
For you back in Dumbass town :P

Nevermind dear,

Does it hurt to feel my little,little words
Tingle and lash it on you
Oh well you have no idea how it is,

I packed my little ghost bag and let you out
I pissed you off as i slip my hand in your arm
We kissed and we loved
But now and never oh never
I'll be yours again
I tell you, i tell you this

I faked my smile sometime and every day
You think that you're the man and you think you can have it all
Just so you know, i might don't have a clue
But you might stumble into me with him
You'll see me smile and laugh
You'll see i can find myself a better better
Little little ride and a big bid life
Just when you're out of the door

I wont be yours
No i wont be yours again
Keep your hand to yourself
Put your words away
It meant nothing to me