Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New year

I don't know where i stand today and i doubt the future very much right now. Just hope that i would find my way soon. Till then, happy new year people.
May Bliss and Prosperity flourish to all
To Karl (Prosperity Burger pun ok kan?)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


My Bintang and my Malam,i missed them so much. Now i'm wih my sun but its not the same with you, Bintang and Malam.
I missed you

Fan fiction me

It was just a fan fiction. A stupid lame fan fiction. I cant lie though peep's comment shoot my heart up.
19 reviews so far,:D
wish me luck

Monday, December 14, 2009

New Moonie :p

While at day we spent most of our time shopping, i had this nagging feeling that i should go and watch New Moon without naddy and Jijie. Although we promised to watch it together. Even before i went to kuching, already i nudged Karl endlessly about it but he being so gracious, he decided to wait by blackmailing me "oklah kalau macam tu kanda tengok sorang jelah citer tu"
I rolled my eyes and grumbled through our date.
In Kuching, my oh-so-cool aunt, mak anjang chatted excitedly to me about New Moon and how she bought the books right after she watched New Moon.
I laughed and got all worked up when she seduced me with "Jom tengok New Moon nak malam ni?"
I nodded ecstatically while muttering my sorry to Naddy, whom at that time still struggling with SPM

So we went for the movie :) and hello hotness!
Both Edward and Jacob is mouth watering drool worthy!.
Not to forget the werewolves and The Volturi's minion. All the beautiful people in one movie.

And i watched it trice. Gugu-gaga!