Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Lipstick Junkie

I want some more of these. I can’t stop imagining what it feels like to taste it smooth surface against my lips.   

The color, oh the color, what a rapture.

It was dark at night; aimlessly I walked around the not-so crowded night market. I came across a rejected red lipstick, stood alone in dust and dirt. Out of curiosity, I pull the cover off and turn the lipstick around.

There it was, brilliantly red, glossy and alluring. I was ready to spend every Ringgit  that I have to own that baby. Karl dragged me away from it. I couldn’t imagine the shattering devastation when I can only forlornly looked at it.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I wear Converse

I don’t know how to hold a good interesting conversation. I don’t talk or do much. I observe and a lot of times I don’t give a damn.  I would rather be in the company of close friends who knew me from way back then.

That is who I am exactly.  I prefer drama in my own head and conversation held intimately but once in a while, I like to be nice, striking conversation with people that I don’t usually associate myself with for years.

And I hated them once the conversation started. I don’t think I can love that kind of stupidity anymore, I’m sorry but they are crude and rude, reminding me of my ex that I dated when I was utterly clueless when it comes to love, relationship and demented boyfriends.

I’m still clueless only this time the boyfriend is not as demented as it used to be.

I’m sorry, Karl is never demented, he is endearingly annoying and I love-hate him.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Taman England, here i reluctantly come

Hello peeps yang tak wujud di blog ini, ah whatever.

I'm moving to Seremban at the end of this month and if truth to be told, I'm not really excited about it. Got something to do with me being a neurotic, needy girlfriend. Get my drift?

Yeah okay, i know. Its Seremban not the Arctic and there's the KTM, buses which mean a very short visit and going home early. I'm very bad at coming home early, i detest that. I came home at midnight and morning, get my drift? No more late night movies, late night teh tarik and roti canai rendezvous and most definitely no more frequent visit from Karl.

Argh, babi i need a life

Dammit Dewi, get off him!

Hello people, i am definitely crazy. I just added him up in facebook. Definitely loony, i don't know why the hell i did that, maybe i was just asking for a blunt "get the fuck off" to my face. Ah, what do i got to lose? he can say whatever he wants and I'll be fine and slightly angry about it. Then I'll delete him.

Simple right? Ah, my hands are cold now. Seven fucking years, and the guy still made my bodily function goes wrong.


Sunday, December 5, 2010

I'm young and i'm fashionly immature

I was young once and I remember how compelling it was and yet so simple that I ache for a rewind at it. Funny, how growing up made me realized that I had it easy. Of all the bad decision I took and all of the shots that I didn’t take for something that don’t matter no more. 

Walking into Pavillion yesterday, I couldn’t be more surprise of things that I used to go through before. I stood in awe as splashes of youth waving their innocence and naiveté at me. The next thing i know, i was breeze walking on memory lane, definitely missing my youthful days.

Yup, one thing that I don’t miss about being young is the fashion mishap that is EVERYWHERE yesterday. Some looked like whores (Don’t be offended, cuz I don’t care) while other were clueless. But hey, I chose clueless and Imogen Heap any day!

Ok, I take that Imogen Heap bit back.

Then again, I was clueless all the way to college, friends never tried that hard to push me into the right direction ( I don’t blame them, they needed fashion rehab as much as I do) 

There is bravado in ignorance and that goes to all of us fashion mishap. 

May god help us~