Sunday, March 21, 2010

Little girl named Marissa

Once upon a time there lived a young boy named Alex. Alex lives with her mother Marissa who owned a wheat farm near the Ammy town. Alex often helped his mother at the farm and home, until one day Alex met a young girl who is just as young as he is, sitting on a rock near his house.

Curious, Alex approached the young girl and asked for her name. The young girl smiled and said "My name is Marrisa". Alex laughed then "But that is my mother's name, that couldnt be your name"

Marissa smiled again "Then your mother and i have the same name". Alex nodded, and asked her where is her parent.

"I'm an oprphan, Momma and Papa died when i was still a little baby" Marissa looked down sadly.

"Oh I am sorry" Alex apologise "With whom you live with?"

Marissa grew sullen with the question. A sparkling tiny tears rolled down her rosy cheek "I lived with my aunt but she is mean and she kept me hungry for days" Marissa sobbed.

Alex held his hand then, "Then you should come and stay with us. I am sure my mother wont mind.She loves little children, especially an adorable one like you"

Marissa shooked her head "No, i must go home. Madam is expecting me" Marissa jumped off from the rock and started running back into the woods.

"Who is Madam?" Alex cried out behind him but she never turn back.

Later that night, Alex's mother came home from a night at the town with a loaf of bread and two cupcake with velvet icing.Alex had not yet eaten, so he was very hungry that he forgot to tell his mother about the little girl named Marissa.

The next morning his mother had gone to the farm without him and she left a note for him saying that he shoudlnt have to work today. Alex is very happy and he wanted to meet the little girl that he met yesterday. So he bathed, dressed and eaten quickly as possible. Then he went out but wasnt quite sure where he should go looking for the girl.

To be continue

I dont even know why i wrote this. Haha.