Friday, April 23, 2010

Art Memory

I missed this place.I remember going there after school and immersed myself into those unfathomable arts. I really loved the way it inspired me sometime.

Of course i was never artistic or anything like that.

That reminds me of my SPM trial exams on art. I drew a broken vase at the back of an old house.

My art teacher said that my plant looked like marijuana.

Vincent Van Gogh, I am not

Thursday, April 22, 2010


He has become my enemy
For times he is not my friend
He has become my enemy
For times he is idle without me

Of my father

I spoke of my father
Who are now six feet under
I spoke of my father
Whose heart I shattered
I spoke of my father
Whose words buried deep and forever
I spoke of my father
No happiness will hold me after

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cheating Heart

“What if he cheats behind your back?” A friend asked one evening.

“If he did, I won’t know” I coolly said as I take a sip “He could be a real good liar if he wants to”

“So if you ever found out?”

I shrugged “I’ll cry, scream, kick and hurl myself against the wall, be miserable for a couple of months (or less)” I pondered for a moment “We might make up or I just get myself a couple of boyfriends” I shrugged again “Maybe I’ll stay single but we both know just how damned impossible it is for me”

My friend narrowed her eyes at me “I thought you love him so incredibly much”

“I do” I sighed “But I never said I would roll down and die”

Definitely You

I'm tired. Somehow in between nothing and slacking, i am tired.
I'm tired of trying to fit in to a place that i supposedly belong.
I'm tired of waking up every morning and i remember that everything that you said.
I remember you said,
YOu dont want my face on your phone
You would give me up for another

I remember running down the stair, trying to catch up with you
but you left.
I saw all of them and you.
I know then, you dont need me the way i need you.

But i want to, even if its hurt,
Because through all these crap and shit.
Even if you're already give me up.
I still want to.

Its you i want to be with. Always.
From the very first day.
I love you