Thursday, May 13, 2010

Out of the place

I'm a weird, awkward, cute little thing that just cant fit in.

And Love came along

This instance as we ( I ) write, Nabil is on his way here.

I am still surprised by how happy and nervous i am.
After 3 years.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Like that?

Yes you are.

When I love I get hurt but I can't stop loving em'

I cant even wear a 3 inch. Preposterous


It  felt like i was walking in a circle, avoiding the center. Everything that i said never made sense or worth thinking over. I knew but i wanted to talk to you anyway, no matter how unimportant it is to you.

You wanted to know why?
Because it matters what you said, It matters when you had that face (even if you didn't admit it).

So let me stay by your side. Let me be there when i can. Let me in love.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Ulu Yam!

We went to Ulu Yam yesterday. 
Peserta-peserta yang pergi ke Ulu Yam.





Lupa nak snap pic Ibu and Ayah (Wenda's folk)
So aku upload je la pic yang ada kelihatan.

Ayah berbaju putih

Ibu dengan Wenda mengumpat dalam tent.

Baru nak bakar ikan setelah puas menghidupkan bara.
The men are quite cute when they tried very hard to do something for us
En.Nabil yang bersungguh-sungguh!
Chaiyo! Gambate!
Lama sangat tunggu api nak marak. Makan ice-cream dulu!

Agak happy, sebab ikan da masak. Hee!

Semua makan!!
Aku tak selera sangat masa ni
Ibu dan Ayah dah jalan-jalan dating

Nabil yang bangga.

Sabtu yang Steamy.

Kita bertemu lagi ya kawan-kawan! Hari sabtu yang lepas saya dan Naddy telah keluar untuk errand dan sambil2 itu, kami ber'poser' seperti biasanya.
Ok stop that.

 Nothing out of the ordinary that day, we just hang around and ate Takoyaki. A craving that only exist when Naddy is around. 

 Yummynyerr. Hopefully Karl get his bonus today and i shall ask for Takoyaki!!.

 Takoyaki yang belum masak. When i took this picture, the two lady kept looking at me. Tak tau pulak tak boleh tangkap gambar.

Kami pun makan sampai..

Habis sambil bergosip-gosip. Haha..
Masa tengah upload picture ni boleh pulak aku terliur mengidam.
Oh Karl!! please,please pretty please
I want one too.

Gambar-gambar di bawah boleh ignore kalau menyampah.

 Sebenarnya that Saturday ada buat makan-makan di rumah Ayah. Makan steamboat babe!. 
Sedap teramat-amat tapi disebabkan aku lupa nak snap kan..
so muka kami sajalah yang akan menjadi penghias ruangan ini.

Friday, May 7, 2010

You and Me

Sometimes, i forgot the person that we are. I forgot that you are Nabil and I am Dewi.
We used to go to libraries for a date.
We even walked to Times Square from CM on foot.
We dont care. We never did. 

On new year, we would overnight in KL.
Observing life and talked.
And fell asleep in the bus the next morning.

Remember the night we been robbed?
I frozed, cant run. 
When they left.
You told me not to cry
And i didn't
Then you blamed yourself

A lot of this and that
I hope we're still us
Just Nabil and Dewi

Aku rasa

Aku rasa
Aku tak punya perasaan tapi aku boleh ketawa dan menangis
Aku rasa
Aku punya jiwa tapi aku tak pernah tinggal untuk bersama mereka
Aku rasa
Aku sayang tapi aku tak boleh tunjuk, aku takkan serahkan

Tapi aku rindu. Aku tak suka dengan itu.
Kadang-kadang aku harap aku berhati batu.

Thank God its Friday!!

Malam semalam lupa nak buka tingkap, so bangun pagi ni dengan sakit dada yang menyucuk dan niat nak bangun awal itu terpadam begitu saja. :P.
Lepas mandi, mandikan Hannah pula.

 Muka Hannah lepas mandi


We match in baby blue today and i went to the back and contemplate the basket load laundry. Thank god its not much because today's weather didn't look too promising.

Bila aku tengah upload pic ni, guruh sedang berdentum. Adeh tak kering lagi lowh!

Macam biasa kalau tiada benda di bawah ni aku  tak boleh nak bukak mata pun.

Nak buat macam mana, i'm addicted to caffeine and depended on it.
But Nescafe didn't have the kick that i need.

This is the lauk that my mom cooked. I panaskan jew.

And this is my brother Qayyum, makan sambil tengok Chupacabra on Discovery Channel.


"Hannah rasa, Hannah lapar..."

Yum.Yum.Tak sah kalau x de kicap.

Tapi aku lupa nak makan, so aku makan sambil layan facebook. Its a ugly sight so aku tak
tangkap pic. haha.

Malam ni mungkin tengok IP MAN! Yeay!

A Boring Hot Iron

Akhirnya aku tengok jugak movie Iron Man last Wednesday. And i dozed off when the climax is emerging.
LOL, i geuss watching movie is a lot like sex i think *gasps* and would you call it great, when you fell asleep in the middle of it?.
I dont think so. I guess like The Transformers, Iron Man sucked when it comes to the sequel.
Even  the devilishly handsome Tony Stark (Robert Downer JR, i used to have this crush on him when he appeared in Ally Mcbeal) with hot-right-on sarcasm and a  sizzling Scarlett Johansson (Betul ke nama dia macam ni?) cant save the movie from venturing into boredom land.

IP MAN is the best. Looking forward to watch it again!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Movie Date

Me and Karl watched Hoopers, When In Rome and IP Man last Sunday. I was a bit disappointed that we couldn't watch Iron Man 2 but Karl promised me that we'll catch it today. If possible.
All the three movies didn't dissapoint us. Hoopers is entertaining to watch although there is much more that the production could do to make it way better. I was aghast when one of the lead character Atlyia (played by Intan Nor Saina) flagrantly her middle finger to Saidatul (Anita) and Nino (Juliana Evans).Or maybe salah tengok? I dont know the movie is definitely a fresh-not-too bad attempt.

When In Rome (Josh Duhamel and Kristen Bell) is your classic romantic comedy, fun to watch if there is nothing else on. Not the best i have seen but Josh Duhamel a.k.a laki Fergie of BEP is kinda hot but that didn't really save the movie from mediocrity. 

Now, Karl is a genius to save the best for the last. IP MAN 2 rocks way better than IP Man 1. Although many said they love the first movie better, i think the second one filled with everything that i love in a movie.

Love.Friendship.Patriotism.Family values.Comedy.
Gizillion stars for IP MAN!