Wednesday, June 30, 2010


It’s a blessing to have them in midst of this chaotic time
It’s a blessing to meet them and to have them for life
It’s a blessing to be love when everyone is pushing you away
It’s a blessing to be blessed

My dears,
It’s a blessing to love and be love by you

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

True Calling

How will I ever find my true calling?
Will I find it by doing all the set up standard?
Like a driver license
Like a Diploma
Like a wedding?

Laugh, I will
But on the inside
I’m a wreck
I’m a huge lump of disappointment
A rock of loser

Lost I am
Surrounded by talkers
Who is lost and in denial
True calling,
Will I ever find? 

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mundanely In Life

The world spins and mentally I’m spinning too.
These slow roller-coaster motions failed to excite me
Yet I seek through the flipping pages
To find one little reason to smile
To gain a laugh by skipping through misery

Life, oh life
Hilariously miserable
Ironically beautiful
Happily in pain

Yes people. I don't have a life.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Aku rasa macam nak menjerit dan menangis but sane people don't do that.

Vampy Red

I don’t wear red dresses. No actually I never wear one, excluding the time when I was 7 of course.

I don’t think I could rock the red like my mom could or would :P
But here's the feast for the eyes.

When u got nothing to do

3 nama Samaran Kamo:

Dinda (hehe)

5 Tarikh Penting Dalam Hidup kamo:

Tarikh bila favourite tv show nak kuar
Bila nak sales
My bday
My mom’s bday (even though I barely did anything bout it)
Nabil’s bday

5 Perkara kamo buat semalam:

Basuh baju
Jemur baju
Bagi Hannah makan
Tengok My girl

5 perkara yg buat and Gembira:

Out with Lex, Nana,Naz,Burn, Julien, Zal and the whole motley crue la senang citer
Out with The Sisterhood of Travelling cars
Out with my Family
Out with Nabil

5 Hobi kamo:

Hanging out
Drooling over Donnie Yen

5 tempat percutian Idaman Kamo

Island-y places
Los Angeles
Alah, anyplace where I can shopped :P

5 Sebab kamo jawab tag nie:

Sebab watie suruh
Sebab watie suruh
Sebab watie suruh
Sebab watie suruh
Sebab watie suruh

 5 Orang yg nak di tag:

No one,sebab malas

Monday, June 21, 2010

Plainly Plaid

I hated plaid and that is not something new to people around me. For as long as I can remember, I hated those plaids and cringed at the sight of it.
My Bapak would wore that red plaid shirt usually on Monday for no reason at all
And I for no reason at all detest it.

I don’t remember when exactly these plaid trends got into all the teeny’s mind these days (Sorry not just the teenies, but everyone else) and the ugliness of it took my breath away and I finally get used to it after being bombarded with hordes and hordes of badly print plaids and their entire mish-mash

That is until I bought it for Jijie Ann Kiki
The plaid looked neat and appropriate
And of course it’s a great plus when it didn’t annoy me.
So now I’m likin plaids maybe not too much
But I am ready to peacefully co-exist with it. :DD

By the way, Sandra Azwan wore a simple black and white plaid on his facebook pics
I’m not sure if it’s a shirt or sweater but I love how it fitted against his shoulder perfectly.

I’m a sucker for everything simple and yet enthralling 

 Ignore yg sebelah ni. LOL

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's day

We might break your heart, we might fail you, let you down and left you broke for most of the time
But we cherished and admired you with our never ending love.

To our Daddy

We love you

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Kau rindu aku? Serius?

Well, i dont believe you

Kenapa aku tak percaya?

Ko pikirla sendiri

Rude Boy

I cried when i was left alone in the dark. I was young, four years old i think. I screamed bloody murder when my older brother turn off the light and ran.

I laughed, smiled and jumped excitedly when i watched Captain America.

I love to punched and hit people when i was little whenever i was angry.

But then again, those are the things that little kids might do in order to express their feelings.

So all of you so -called well mannered people, what are your excuse? Or is it fun to be rude?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Aku pun menyesal. Marah pun ada dan kecewa tu memang tak boleh lari
Apalagi tiap hari semuanya bermula dengan titik-titik kelabu yang tak boleh hilang tu

 Gambar hiasan

p/s : Perlu ke?


Biasalah dalam hidup ni bukan ada ketawa dan bahagia je. 
Sesal dan sengsara pun ada :D
Tapi aku ada mereka dan mereka ada aku
Dengan ini sengsara pun boleh aku lalui dengan senyuman



Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Grey sky made me happy

I wore my converse with everything

And no. I'm not a fashion whore

Black and Color

I need more color in my life. Otherwise i'll look like this forever

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Did he knows that i have trouble meeting strangers, that the thought of it would sent a cold chills down to my spine?
That it made butterflies buzzing like bees in my stomach, in a very bad way?

Damn,why cant you understand?

Monday, June 7, 2010


So i spent the weekend with them.
We ate,laughed and sang non stop.

Lex,Nana, Julien and Ika

I love you :DD


That Charles and Keith gladiators should've be mine. What had possesed me?
Why did i decline the offer?

Junkie.Shopping Addict.

So my cousins went to Bandung, i am all alone in Shah Alam (pardon the exaggeration) and i was wondering what to do. Then Cotton Up came into my mind and i was giddy. Yes, i shall go there! and i did.
Although the plan is to wait for Karl and let him buy me stuff (evil,evil) but as soon as i get into Cotton On, my eyes are glued on black leather like leggings/tights and the price is terribly sweet!

So i bought one. Haha.

Again Jijie have brought the monstrous shopping junkie in me. Do i need a rehab? LOL

Then a sweet-looking-smooth- feeling shirt in FOS.
This is not Bandung but i am grateful : D