Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Three Days To Fall In Love

You’re the stranger
In the midst of night
You came and you question
My mind then my heart
You drank my air
Without struggle without pain
You peeled my skin
Leaving me naked with emotions

You’re the stranger
In the light of the morning
You fled and you promised
My heart then my soul
You ravaged my serenity
Without guilt without nothing
You seeped into me
Leaving me whole with emptiness

You’re the stranger
At dusk when the sun fell
You return and you held
My hand then my body
You tore my beliefs
With pride with love
You brand my heart
Leaving me to be yours

Gambar Hiasan

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Ayam Penyet To The Rescue

The furious flame finally set down by delicious ayam penyet and sate ayam. I'm in heaven and hell is the end of the meal.

#2 Sunshine Note

Nadhirah Hamzah's Encyclopedia

The name of old timer's rock stars.

Ramlah Sarip
Ramlah Ramlee
Saleem (pronounced Salem)


I can sing my heart out
To you and to all of you
No matter what the song
You'll know its for you
Even if i never say a thing
This love will always be yours
You own me, you own me