Monday, January 31, 2011

See me

My thoughts, i want you to know
To every little things that i said
I want you to see me for who i really are
And still love me
For not many people could

I want you to be my exception
The one without deception

Sunday, January 30, 2011

To that place

Terlalu banyak barang yang perlu dikemas
Terlalu berat pula hati ingin meninggalkan

I wish i can pack you up like a dress and stash it in my bag
I miss you love and I'm not even there yet

Thursday, January 27, 2011

I'll let you know that i love you

I forgot that when you let your guard down, not only you let him in; you actually let him have a huge, irreplaceable part of yourself that you will never have back.

I forgot that your heart speaks better truth than your brain did because I didn’t believe him when he said ‘she’s just a friend’ but I pretended to.

I forgot that the pain is unimaginable even if you go through it hundreds of time. It didn’t matter, because it would hurt the hell out of your soul just the same.

And I try, tried. To be brave, to be courageous, to be strong enough to trust you. To put my heart in your hand.  I let them know, that you are the one.

I let them love you even more than they love me. Until one day, you took over everything, leaving me with nothing.

In the end you win. You have friends, families and hoards of lasses and here I am swollen lips and battered eyes.
That will heal someday but my heart will never be the same.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Those Promises

These long hours really talk
Like phantoms in the dark
Whispering lies and bitter truth
I can’t deny I’m crumbling through
The day I watched you there
Standing unnoticed you don’t care
Whatever reason you don’t want me there
I can see it, I can see you

For the first time I can see
The man who claimed that he's in love with me
I can see through his mask, he’s no different than the other one
Pledging love on and on
Maybe this time I had enough
Or maybe I’ll falter with his apology

Won’t let me drown you say
Be there whenever you say
Never to leave me alone you say

Where are those?
Promises, promises, promises

Wherever I am
You weren’t there
Whenever I needed you
Rejection is the answer
Loneliness is my perfect lover

Where are those?
Promises, promises, promises