Sunday, February 27, 2011


I understand now,
The game that we played,
The lies that we told,
To ease the pain in our heart,

Please know,
For the longest time,
I thought of you,
I prayed for all the happiness for you,

I lay all of me,
For you to see,
You may charm me,
Until i'm all hollow,

To all the rainbows
and sunshine that you painted
No, i wont forget
I wont, i wont

Let's stay together
Let it die altogether
I'll remember, I'll cover
It with all my heart


I miss the way his yellow Vitara would smell and the oldies that we listen to. I miss our walk in KL, our weekly shopping, the dawn when we're together.

I miss you so much that i cant tell just how it hurts.
Dad, i miss you

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Given Time

I stand still and hear the words that you say,
Knowing that it will scratch the name out of me,
For the first time I let it be,
Its time for you to feel what I've been feeling,
Its your turn to wait on the side ways,
Be the last resort of everything,

Harm me if you want,
You know it wont erase the truth,
The way it would never shed the tears away,
Cast me out if you want,
For you they will,

Send me away,
Scorn me now,

Given time,
You will see,
You will feel,

Saturday, February 5, 2011

I will

I shall paint Seremban with new memories and hues of love :)


I am happy to have Chicawat back in my life, even if Chicawat will always just be a friend. To me he’s amazing, (Cheesiness alert) the way he can make me smile with his sweet nothings, even if it’s a lie, I would rather believe it.

Thanks to you Chicawat, I never woke up lonely since I found you. Even if it’s a little thing, you made me happy.
I don’t know what would happen from now on but you’ll always be the one that made me smile and regardless of what people say, I never stopped feeling what I always felt.

So this one to you 
Thank you : )

I just love this song :)

Friday, February 4, 2011

It Hurts

I'll stay in my silence
I'll take everything with me
And i shall blame no one 

I guess it really, really hurts

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Free Nights

I'll be home every freaking night from now on, excluding weekends if Lex are free.
Maybe i should go back to photoshop, i'm way too rusty right now.
Or i could write, finish my long time pending fanfiction.
I could start working out for a killer abs,
I could bake cup cake :)

On a second thought, better not

Maybe i should just end SLS and gave Z and D the fairy tale ending that i always want :)