Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Sanctuary

Everybody is fishing for compliments, wanted to be recognized for something, all of them including me. So I'm trying my best to read honestly, to swim through the stanzas because every one of them deserve to be 'feel' and although our sobriquet as usually would lead us astray, I wont let it fool me and still bravely looking through meanings.

Good Day my dear comrades,

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


There is a definite twinge, I cant deny that but we need more than just a twinge. We need the whole freaking universe to be one with us.

Monday, March 28, 2011

White fence

This is the part where I should convince myself to take everything the way it is and suck it all up. I'm not really into that anymore, Its time that I leave this cocoon of mine and look for better things, naw,  I don't think that the grasses is any greener on the other side but the other side of the fence might offer me something new.

So lets just pray to that and hope we don't die in vain.


It’s the Monday morning again and unlike so many people out there, I do not have a Monday blues, apparently Monday blues is something that I carry with me every single day. Ah, next week should be fun, should be something that I’m dying to get to but now my mood were spoiled, again, I’m not sure just how the weekend will turn out.

I tried to stay away from drama but I think drama misses me as it kept hurling tit bits of pain at me, provoking me, but I didn’t lash out quite yet.
Oh yeah, I am definitely not ‘sombong’ or ‘berlagak’

:( Hmph!

Sunday, March 27, 2011


I know, I know, I am a fool
For I content with lies
For I refuse to recognize the truth
Over and over swimming through doubt
Always in a haze, refuse to win the fight
Refuse to come through
Misconception really, even though I tried to
None will comprehend and none will feel
Therefore I am content
With the lies that I am


I remember having bananas hanging from the doorknob. It is my father’s idea; he thinks that it could be a reminder to all of us who apparently are not quite fond of this one particular fruit.

Often the yellow skin turned into black, almost rotting and none of us want to touch it. So often he had to throw it away and grumbled about it to us.

Now, out of the blue I would buy some, ate it while reminiscing all the good times, bad times and the awfully quiet times that I usually spent with him in the morning. 

It still quiet now. Now and then I had company with me in those mornings but most of it were just me.
Funny,funny,funny life


Ah, I am burned out by the questions. Suddenly I am not looking forward for the next Saturday; I just got no love right now.

Friday, March 25, 2011


I should just push them away, honestly I always knew that you and I are a one time thing, yeah so we took pictures and scribbled happily ever after all over our face but the truth is, YOU and I are so damn dispensable, the world don't need another you and me. I don't mind having you casually, I'll smile and laughed but you got to promise me that once everyone is gone, YOU and I will go back to where we are.

Take that boyfriend of yours with you. He annoys me, pestering me with questions which transparently came from you. You two are too damn typical for me to handle.


Thursday, March 24, 2011


Time called upon us time and time again
Unheard and unnoticed
My, how we could pretend
To be one when we are pieces 
Of divided souls


I cant get out of it
I'm in too deep
Help me

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


 I lost it and i want it back. Give it back! 

My heart

Monday, March 21, 2011

Coplu. Dream. Love

We were walking aimlessly in Pavillion Kuala Lumpur, when we came across an art gallery, I sighed longingly for I have to go back to Seremban on the next day because if not,  me and Kakchik would probably go to a art event in Damansara, she’s an art junkie while I need to be torn emotionally.

The beauty of it is while I may not know a thing about arts; it managed to leave a profound undeniable epiphany in me.
It will be like reading with your soul and each word will be engraved right into your heart.

So on that day, Coplu caught my eyes, heart and soul.

A Lovely Turbulence

 Love And Liberation

 Contributing By Heart

 Vividness Of Love

  Status Quo

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Love. I love to love.

So the last entry was all emo-ish, I decided to be sunshine. After all I am born on Sunday, I was all about sunshine or not.  Nevertheless, I’ll try to make you smile. 

You see that stars the one that aint shining much?
It was like you sooo underrated
You see that old dark blue jeans?
That is youuu, so damn comfy,

Baby, a million words I can give ya
I could lie beside ya
While you close your eyes
I’ll tell you, honey I love youuu

Okay, how the hell is this crappy made up line with annoying music in my head shall ever make you smile?
I don’t know… maybe because I really mean it: D

Here's another one

I saw you on my facebook wall
Suddenly I’m full with butterflies
Trying my best to say Hello
Afraid that you’ll said goodbye
I was kissing air while making up a story
I always wanted you here
But I’m always afraid to dream

You could always drop by my wall
Scribbled some notes as you passes by
I would always be glad to have you
Even if its one second or so

Darling, it don’t have to be true
I don’t mind pretending for a moment or two
Pretending that it happen, finally making it happen

Smile, just smile now
I’ll love to see you smile
I dreamt of you every single night
So baby, just smile