Saturday, January 7, 2012

Not anticipating

Sleepy right now but I'm tempted to pass the time with facebook,Tumblr and stuff. 



Tumblr is acting up, haish, it will be my last night here in Seremban, my last night with the laptop and a good internet connection. Sure, when I'm working again, I won't be having much time with the pictures and stuff. So I thought, I'll be posting up some pictures just to let off some building tension ( a panicking response towards my emotional conflicts) go, steams to blow. But no, Tumblr won't let me "_"

Wall of Roses

Snaps this when we're in Malacca for the Zoo trip

Ugh, I should be packing right now "_"


Oh and Hannah is in primary school now :D

Going again

Will be packing tonight and this time I don't know for how long. 
Funny how I started to miss something that I detest.

On the bright side,
I get to be with Charlie again

On The Road 1

Snaps these pictures while I'm on a bus or train. I like bringing memories with me no matter where I'm going or perhaps that single moment that won't last and the feelings that it gave me, made me sit, stare and shoot it. Who knows just when will I be able to feel like that again.

I guess, me and my never ending melancholy serves me well this times. Now I know that I won't forget.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Capital

You are what you are,
A shadow and the sun,
Fickle and constant,
Your absence is your presence,
Your touch, invisible,
I am aflame. 

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The S in the middle

We are lost, lonely, dull, hopeless and forsaken.
We are that and nothing more.