Monday, November 12, 2012

Imaginary you

Confine me please,
In the depth of felicity,
With a presence belongs to your being,
A benign dream laced with indefinite splendour

Confine me, confine me

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


The sky are forming clouds and shooting ray lights perfectly, it was one of those day where every light that shone upon is something to be grateful for. I woke up quite early, since I’m sleeping in her bed this morning, the spot is quite warm, a little too warm to oversleep but I care no more for such things. I need my sleep, I need my dream. I need my escape.

It was only yesterday or today- depends on what ungodly hours the conversation took placed- a certain truth came to known. I was deeply disturbed, upset but it was something that I always knew in my heart, something that I pushed back into my mind every time a whisper of this truth echoes inside. I can no longer avoid it neither can I face it with bravado.

I cannot be who I am not but I stand by their side, those who do not love me for who I am. I am utterly destroyed but my wreck is in silence. No pleas, no cries, no hands to reach out. My voice is hidden, muted, gone.